Dizi Dedektörü A=0110 B=0101 ve A=0100 B=0000 (FPGA)

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It is requested to design and implement a synchronous sequential circuit which

detects two different

4-bit sequences A and B. The constraints are given below.

1. A is the 4-bit binary code of your school number’s digit before the last


2. B is the 4-bit binary code of your school number’s last digit. (If A=B

choose a different digit)

3. The circuit will have 1-bit data input X, 1-bit data output Y, 1-bit CLK

(clock) input and 1-bit RST (reset) input.

4. A and B may overlap. Your circuit will detect both which means your

circuit will not ignore detecting another sequences while detecting any

sequence. A overlapping A, A overlapping B, B overlapping B and B

overlapping A are valid situations.

5. When an A or a B word is detected, your circuit sets its Y output.

Otherwise the output remains at reset.

6. Your circuit will go to a lock state, which is determined by yourself, and get

stuck on there when two A or two B words (same words) are

detected. Only a reset signal will move your circuit to the initial or idle


7. At the beginning, you should draw your state diagram and report it. Your

work on state reduction and state coding should be included by your


8. You should report your design details and also you should gather

information from ISE reports. Your project report should include timing

and area performances.

9. You should write your own test code and verify your circuit with this

code. The test code should have an input pattern with all possible

overlapping and discrete A and B word positions on the input bit stream.

10. At the end, you should determine your circuit’s score after the placement

and routing.

Score = 1/(The number of LUTs * the number of D-flipflops *

minimum applicable period to your circuit). Please note your score to

the report

11. Your report (max. 3 pages) should include your analysis about the circuit

type (Mealy/Moore), the complete analysis about the existence of hazards

(zararlı hatalı çıkışlar).

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